Engelstein & Grünberger studios
We increase the radiation of brands by giving them heartdirection.


We increase the radiation of brands by giving them heartdirection.


Engelstein & Grünberger studios is a declaration of love to life itself, a life that slipped through our fingers piece by piece, a life that we sacrificed to mediocrity. The key to truthfulness is authenticity and courage. Sometimes we have to get rid of norms, have to leave already entered trails (routes) and create something that allows us to be amazed. Like a child that has the ability to spot the marvelous were we see nothing. Rebellion instead of conformism, wild variety instead of old stories. It is enough! We sense what the essence of life is and we will share this gift with you through our creations. It needs some craziness and rebellion because with more oft the same we will not succeed when we promise: “We bring back life – the true authentic life!”  

This is a wake up call! We have had enough sleep in a backdrop that we took for real – enough shining – it’s time for being real and authentic and that’s why we will use the purest sources of human kind – love and creativity or like Schiller once said: “Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays.”


Clockwise from top center: Karin Brunnmayr (CEO and Founding Partner), Marcel Javor (Founder), Gabriela Weselak (Designer), Sebastian Dorner (Junior Designer), Clemens Maier (Content and Mary Poppins), Stefanie ‘Steve’ Maier (Designer)

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